Mighty Mira

It's still unclear how much Harvey Weinstein had to do with keeping Mira Sorvino off the A list despite her Oscar win for "Mighty Aphrodite," but "StartUp" reminds us how much she's been missed. In the drama's third season, she plays an NSA agent who isn't above using threats and blackmail to force Ron Perlman's computer company to cooperate with the government. It's time to give Sorvino a show of her own.

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Missing ingredients

There are no Twin Cities personalities vying for title of "People Magazine: Sexiest Chef Alive." For that matter, there are no women in the top 10, either. The contest hasn't completely ignored diversity. At least half of the finalists are cooks of color.

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Absentee parent

I hadn't tuned into "S.W.A.T." since it premiered last season, but decided to revisit the gritty drama with the lure that Debbie Allen would be playing the mother of Hondo (Shemar Moore). Sure enough, the veteran actress/director makes an appearance — but she gets only about 80 seconds of screen time, most of which she uses to pester her son about having grandchildren. Allen's no-nonsense character on "Fame" would have a fit.

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Neal Justin