Little orphan Anne

How much you enjoy “Anne With an E” will depend on your tolerance for precocious kids. As with other adaptations of “Anne of Green Gables,” you’ll either be charmed or frustrated by the heroine who talks (and talks) her way into the hearts of two lonely siblings in the 1890s. This version may trigger sympathy in even the most cynical viewers, as creator Moira Walley-Beckett adds graphic flashbacks showing the abuse Anne suffered before arriving at Green Gables.

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A dog’s life

After her breakout performance in Season 1 of “Fargo,” Allison Tolman earned the right to headline her own sitcom. But despite her best efforts in “Downward Dog,” she ends up playing second fiddle to a manic depressive mutt whose inner thoughts are shared with innocent humans, as in us. This is supposedly a carefree comedy, but you can’t help but wonder if the title character is praying for his owner to lace his doggie bowl with cyanide.

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Joker’s wild

Based solely on the film clips and home movies in the documentary “I Am Heath Ledger,” you won’t be convinced that Hollywood lost one of its most promising stars when Ledger died nine years ago at age 28. But testimony from childhood friends and colleagues does the trick as they pay loving tribute to a friend whose heart appeared to be just as big as his potential. Justin Vernon of Bon Iver plays an unexpected and touching role in the story.

9 p.m., Spike

Neal Justin