Hit me with your best shot

Alison Brie gives her goody-two-shoes image from “Community” a body slam in “GLOW,” an aggressively funny new sitcom about “Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling” trying to fight off sexism, hair-pulling and 1980s wardrobes. Comedian Marc Maron is a revelation as the team’s caustic manager.

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Domestic disturbance

“Playing House” returns after an 18-month hiatus with something more serious in mind than trying to bring an Anthropologie catalog to life. Beyond its relatively lightweight dedication to the wonders of female bonding, the sitcom takes on breast cancer, reflecting the real-life battle waged by co-creator Jessica St. Clair. To read more about this gutsy new season, see Sunday’s Variety section.

10 p.m. Friday, USA; entire season available Saturday on demand

Mining for answers

“From the Ashes” won’t be the feature film at the next convention for climate change deniers, but for those who believe coal mining is doing more harm than good to both our environment and economic future, this documentary will resonate.

8 p.m. Sunday, National Geographic Channel

Book of Ruth

From the very first “ka-pow” of “Preacher” last season, it was clear that Ruth Negga was a star in the making. Her Oscar nomination for “Loving” made it official. Fortunately, the actress has returned as the Preacher’s volatile partner for a second season in which our lovebirds discover they’re being tracked by a killer cowboy from hell. Where is the love?

9 p.m. Sunday; regular time slot 8 p.m. Mondays; AMC

Neal Justin