Better late than never

Oscar winner Vanessa Redgrave is the marquee star in “Man in an Orange Shirt,” but this “Masterpiece” movie focuses on two gay relationships separated by more than 50 years, so her character — a woman who discovers her husband is having an affair with a fellow World War II veteran — doesn’t get significant screen time until the final act. It’s worth the wait.

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One step back

Just weeks after the Miss America Pageant announced that it’s eliminating the swimsuit sashay comes the tone-deaf series “The Proposal,” in which a hidden bachelor selects from potential brides based mostly on how they look in beachwear. In one introduction, a contestant’s baton-twirling skills take precedence over the fact that she’s a neuropsychologist. Somebody at ABC needs a brain scan.

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Seeing with new Eyes

“Queer Eye,” the reboot of the 2003-07 series “Queer Eye for the Straight Guy,” isn’t just a success; it may be the most heartwarming show of the year. In the first of a new batch of episodes, the squad goes to small-town Georgia to help build a community center and bolster the spirit of its female champion, Tammye Hicks. The scenario may stray from the show’s original premise, but you won’t care when you’re reaching for a tissue.

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Neal Justin