Survival mode

In "Designated Survivor," Kiefer Sutherland doesn't have to sweat as much as he did in "24." But as the "accidental president," he's still on a mission to save the world. This third season — the first to debut on Netflix — strives to emulate "West Wing" (the premiere opens with new cast member Anthony Edwards leading a walk-and-talk through the White House halls), but the liberal-leaning scripts don't have Aaron Sorkin's magic touch.

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Head of the class

WWE veteran Jon Cena has proved he's a teddy bear, thanks to films such as "Blockers." But he solidifies his kid-friendly credentials by becoming the host of "Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader?" the game show that makes adults feel like they should be fitted for dunce caps.

6 p.m. Nickelodeon

The dating game

Those fretting about Kate Gosselin's love life will want to check out "Kate Plus Date," a new series in which the reality-TV star goes husband hunting with the help of expert matchmakers and her 18-year-old twin daughters.

9 p.m. TLC

Neal Justin