Down on the farm

Willie Nelson, John Mellencamp and Neil Young were on the road again for last fall's "Farm Aid 30" in Chicago. This special features highlights from the eclectic benefit concert, along with some of the best moments from past years. 7 p.m. Sunday, AXS TV

Bear hugs

Macho men will gladly 'fess up to shedding a few tears while watching 1971's "Brian's Song," the heartbreaking tale of a bond between Chicago Bears teammates Brian Piccolo and Gale Sayers. Even if your favorite team fades in the playoffs, this classic puts everything in perspective. 7 p.m. Sunday, GetTV

Lowdown, crying shame

For every pair of noble Chicagoans, there's a South Sider like Frank Gallagher, William H. Macy's incorrigible drunk on "Shameless," which returns for its sixth season. Those without Showtime can get a free preview of the premiere through various platforms, including YouTube and Facebook. 8 p.m. Sunday, Showtime

Neal Justin