Triple threat

Warren Beatty is the only person in Oscar history to be nominated twice for producing, directing and writing in the same film. It’s unlikely the Academy will bestow him with that same honor for 2016’s “Rules Don’t Apply,” but that shouldn’t stop you from his enjoying those earlier milestones, 1978’s “Heaven Can Wait” and 1981’s “Reds,” presented as a double feature.

7 p.m., TCM

Easing on down the road

Sitcoms embarking on a 12th season are bound to feel a little old hat. “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” is no exception, but the writers keep taking chances that are worth checking out. In the premiere, an electrical storm appears to turn the gang into black characters who spontaneously break into musical numbers inspired by “The Wiz.” No one here will be mistaken for Fred Astaire or, for that matter, Ryan Gosling, but the finely tuned cast does a credible job of shaking their jazz hands with the exception of Danny DeVito, who wisely sticks to the chorus line.

9 p.m., FXX

Seek and ye shall find

“Man Seeking Woman” enters its third season with a risky act of gender reversal. In the four episodes available for review, Josh (Jay Baruchel) takes a back seat to his new girlfriend, Lucy (Katie Findlay), who shares her squeeze’s ability to transform everyday dilemmas into outlandish nightmares. The change in focus pays off, in large part because Findlay is a subtle comic who expertly mines the outrageous premises that include clever takes on immigration, blacklisting and Sherlock Holmes. Look no further, Josh; this gal’s a keeper.

9:30 p.m., FX

Neal Justin