Holding out for a hero

“Wayne” is a wannabe superhero without any superpowers, unless you count his willingness to get beaten to a bloody pulp by his fellow high school students. His latest mission: get back at the dude who stole his late dad’s car — and his mom. Star Mark McKenna has a kind of brooding charisma that will remind you of Adam Driver.

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Rebel with a cause

The Russo brothers took a break from churning out “Avengers” movies to help bring a very different comic book series to life. “Deadly Class,” based on the graphic novel by Rick Remender and Wes Craig, takes you inside a school populated with the children of gangsters and one noble student trying to keep his cool in the late 1980s counterculture.

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Take two

“Friends From College,” the PG-13 version of “Friends,” returns with the sitcom’s creators swearing that their characters will now be more likable. That means an end to the affair between the characters played by Keegan-Michael Key and Annie Parisse. Sarah Chalke joins the gang in a recurring role.

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Neal Justin