Whose side are you on?

With “The Blacklist” most likely winding down later this year, it makes sense that NBC would be looking for another hit with a shady operative toeing the line between good and evil. “The Enemy Within” probably isn’t it. Jennifer Carpenter (“Dexter”) does her best to fill the James Spader role, but she hasn’t been given a decent script or a snappy hat. Morris Chestnut plays her FBI “minder” who could benefit from a few hours of anger-management training.

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Funny money

“This Giant Beast That Is the Global Economy” may have a wonky title, but producer Adam McKay uses the same irreverent approach he applied to “Vice” and “The Big Short” to caffeinate yawn-inducing discussions on money laundering and cryptocurrency. The lesson plan incorporates animation, bad puns, tequila shots and comedian Joel McHale.

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Can we talk?

In the third season of “Better Things,” creator and star Pamela Adlon still has some insightful observations about dating, sexism in the workplace and divorce. But the series is at its best when it showcases the sharply written — and often sharp-tongued — conversations between her character and her three very different children. Those mother-daughter talks are sometimes hilarious, sometimes heartbreaking, always revealing. If realism and honesty count for anything, Adlon is TV’s Mother of the Year.

9 p.m. Thursday, FX

Neal Justin