Waking the dead

Seeing Tyler Henry live at Treasure Island Casino a few months ago didn’t make me any less skeptical about his abilities to speak to the dead. Nor does the fourth-season premiere of “Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry,” but it’s kind of fun to watch “Bachelor” host Chris Harrison, Sofía Vergara and Rebel Wilson get seduced by the young man’s charm.

7 p.m. E!

False blood

Either Anna Paquin isn’t a stickler for accuracy or she’s employed some pretty unethical publicists. In “Flack,” the Oscar winner plays a celebrity troubleshooter who slaps two clients, sleeps with another and snorts cocaine between phone calls. And that’s all in the first episode. Even a brilliant PR campaign couldn’t save this series.

9 p.m. POP

Get the party started

“Desus & Mero” may be the first late-night talker for Showtime but it’s the 24,311th show of its kind to promise that guests won’t be married to their talking points. Good luck with the kickoff guest, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-N.Y.). Future visitors include Ben Stiller, Issa Rae and Pusha T.

10 p.m. Showtime

Neal Justin