Tales of the unexpected

Those who believe “Robot Chicken” isn’t dark enough may want to cuddle up to “The Shivering Truth,” a new stop-animation series that makes “The Twilight Zone” look like “Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.” Duluth’s Maria Bamford is among the well-known comics contributing their voices to these super-short tales, including one that involves a ventriloquist act pairing a terrorist with a severed head that won’t shut up.

11 p.m. Sun., Adult Swim

Against all odds

Near the end of “42 to 1,” a Las Vegas bookie scoffs at the “Miracle on Ice,” insisting that the U.S. hockey team’s 1980 upset of Russia was nothing compared with Buster Douglas’ 1990 defeat of Mike Tyson for the world heavyweight title. He’s got a point. Iron Mike didn’t participate in this latest “30 for 30” documentary, but Douglas carries the weight with details of how he pulled off the unlikely win.

8 p.m. Tue., ESPN

Baby, I’m a star

No one is going to induct Paris Hilton into Mensa after watching “The American Meme,” but this fascinating documentary does make the socialite out to be shrewder than you might think — perhaps forging a path for social-media stars to follow. Josh Ostrovsky (@thefatjewish) and Kirill Bichutsky (@slutwhisperer) also chime in, if only to boost their traffic numbers.

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Neal Justin