Scary spice

Telling horror stories to children can be tricky business, especially if you expect them to sleep through the night. “A Series of Unfortunate Events,” now in its third and final season, gets it right, never talking down to younger viewers while remaining cognizant of their age. Potential Oscar nominee Richard E. Grant plays the latest over-the-top villain and Allison Williams is so compelling as a steely hero that she should be next in line to play Catwoman.

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Games we don’t play

“American Ninja Warrior” invites a fair share of Minnesotans to tackle its obstacle course, but none of the 64 contestants competing in this season of “The Titan Games” appear to hail from this state. Guess we can assume that host and executive producer Dwayne Johnson won’t be shooting a remake of “Jingle All the Way” in the Twin Cities anytime soon.

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Pretty neat

Spring cleaning is months away, but “Tidying Up With Marie Kondo” may inspire you to get an early start. The neatness expert doesn’t speak much English, but she’s so charming and enthusiastic about organizing her clients’ closets that she feels like a lifelong friend after just one hour.

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Neal Justin