“Timber Creek Lodge,” an upscale ski resort in Canada, offers picturesque views, but you don’t have much time to soak in the scenery in the first episode of this new reality series about the youthful staff. Producers are clearly more interested in re-creating “The Real World” than attracting tourists. The ragtag players tick off all the stereotypes — the cocky stud, the bimbo maid, the insecure assistant manager — and seem to think a steady stream of Jagermeister shots is all in a day’s work.

9 p.m. Mon., Bravo

You can’t stop the beat

The 1988 film “Hairspray” not only ushered John Waters into the mainstream, but it set off a cottage industry that resulted in a Tony-winning musical and one of the few films of the past decade in which John Travolta hasn’t sucked. Now comes “Hairspray Live!” The live event seems tailor-made for prime time with its toe-tapping tunes and nonconfrontational campaign for equality. The cast includes Harvey Fierstein, Kristin Chenoweth, Ariana Grande, Martin Short and Jennifer Hudson.

7 p.m. Wed., KARE, Ch. 11

The grifters

“Burn Notice” hottie Jeffrey Donovan stars as a fake psychic who suddenly gains real telepathic powers in “Shut Eye,” a new series packed with con men and shysters, none of whom seems to be having much fun. The best examples from this genre — “House of Cards” (the David Mamet film, not the Netflix series), “The Riches” and “Leap of Faith” — take great delight in hoodwinking the story’s patsies, as well as the audience. That sense of mischief is missing here.

Starts streaming Thursday on Hulu

Neal Justin