Masters of their domain

Clip specials are often assembled simply so casts and crew can take a week off, but the "Seinfeld" retrospective that aired as the sitcom's 100th episode is a treasure chest of golden moments, celebrating the creative partnership of Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld with their pitch-perfect cast. Christmas may be over, but Festivus is just beginning.

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We'll do it our way

The passing of Penny Marshall has many of us reflecting on the chemistry she had with Cindy Williams on the groundbreaking "Laverne & Shirley." Their legacy lives on in the second season of "Alexa & Katie," an underappreciated sitcom featuring the wacky antics of Paris Berelc and Isabel May. These two young talents deserve a round of Pepsi milk.

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Searching for a home

Like rabbits, adaptations of "Watership Down" just keep multiplying. The latest production, a four-parter that originally aired on the BBC, features the voices of Olivia Colman, Ben Kingsley and James McAvoy with a theme song from Sam Smith. Just because it's a cartoon about bunnies doesn't mean it's for kids.

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Neal Justin