Living doll

Tyra Banks revisits her goofy side for “Life-Size 2,” a sequel to the 1990 movie that paired the supermodel with a super-spunky Lindsay Lohan. This time, Banks’ Eve the Doll takes to human form to save the soul of the CEO of the toy company. A very adult Francia Raisa steps in for Lohan, clearing the way for double entendres straight off of Santa’s naughty list.

8 p.m. Sunday, Freeform

Fight club

“F Is for Family” reminds viewers that you don’t need political talk around the dinner table to trigger a fight. Bill Burr continues to sputter and swear as the country’s most frustrated father, but in this terrific third season, he’s equally matched by his pregnant wife, voiced by Laura Dern. The actress got a lot of attention for her Emmy-winning role in “Big Little Lies,” but she’s equally effective in this animated gem.

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A river runs through it

True Minnesotans won’t learn anything new in the premiere episode of “America’s Mississippi,” but the footage from Lake Itasca will top that video you shot on your cellphone. Future episodes wind through the heartland and into the bayou with plenty of cameos from wildlife along the way.

7 p.m. Wed., Smithsonian Channel

Neal Justin