Don’t take his stapler

And the “Man in the High Castle” is ... Milton from “Office Space”? To be fair, actor Stephen Root has played vastly different characters over his long career, including the smug owner in “NewsRadio.” Root brings just the right amount of charm and bravado to the mysterious figure who could reclaim the world from the Nazis in this newly available second season. Still have your doubts? Just remember what the seemingly meek Milton did in the 1999 Mike Judge comedy when pushed too far.

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A royal pair

– An Oprah Winfrey Special” is premiering on prime-time network TV rather than Winfrey’s cable channel shows you just how popular the soon-to-be former tenant of the White House has become. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Queen of All Media uses some of their off-camera time trying to convince Obama to launch a talk show on OWN. With their combined clout, they could probably get Stevie Wonder to lead the house band.

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Steppin’ out

The Nobel Prize ceremony isn’t the only soiree Bob Dylan opted to miss this year. The Minnesota legend couldn’t make the Sept. 15 concert recorded for “Tony Bennett at 90: The Best Is Yet to Come,” but in October, he recorded a number in Birmingham that will be included in the special, which also features Elton John, Billy Joel and Lady Gaga. No word on which song Dylan chose, but it’s safe to say it wasn’t “Things Have Changed.”

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Neal Justin