Great American hero

Each episode of “Freedom Fighters: The Ray” is less than five minutes long, but the first couple of installments are packed with so much reckless action and glum expressions from the Nazi-battling crusaders, viewers will feel like drivers jammed up by a 52-car pileup on I-94. The animated series starts to show promise in the third installment, where we’re finally introduced to the Ray, who picks up powers just as he’s trying to get the nerve to tell his parents he’s gay.

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Party favors

Eric McCormack and Debra Messing prove that Will and Grace aren’t the only folks capable of getting a little wacky when they host “Golden Globes 75th Anniversary Special,” a collection of clips that look back at what the combination of free booze and glittery awards can do the Hollywood elite. Amy Adams, Christine Lahti and Julia Roberts are among those taking a trip down memory lane.

Mr. Ed

Nearly a decade after leaving “The Daily Show” to make 17 sequels to “The Hangover,” Ed Helms returns to the airwaves for “The Fake News With Ted Nelms,” a special that takes advantage of the comedian’s sharp satirical skills and — fingers crossed! — his mastery of the ukulele.

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