Be their guest

You won’t look at vacations the same way after watching “The Guest Book.” It’s a scripted comedy about a rustic mountain cabin that plays host to different wacky visitors each week. Guests during Season 1 include Jenna Fischer, Michael Rapaport, Margo Martindale and Danny Pudi.

9 p.m., TBS

But can you dance to it?

Viceland becomes the latest cable network to get into the scripted-series game with “What Would Diplo Do?” James Van Der Beek plays the real-life DJ Diplo (an executive producer of the show) in this spoof of the electronic music scene.

9 p.m., Viceland

Tender are the nights

F. Scott Fitzgerald can be a tough nut to crack, but the latest adaptation of “The Last Tycoon” is mostly a success, thanks to jazzy dance numbers and a studly performance from Matt Bomer, who seems to have studied “Mad Men’s” Don Draper as much as he did the St. Paul-raised novelist. To read more about the show — and a list of the 10 best TV and film takes on Fitzgerald — go to

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