Second opinions

The New York Times’ mission to transfer some of its most popular columns to the small screen continues with “Diagnosis,” a new series in which writer Dr. Lisa Sanders uses crowdsourcing to help figure out medical cases that have even left doctors at the Mayo Clinic scratching their heads. It’s “House” without the snark.

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The outsider

“This Is Patrick Swayze” spotlights some of the late actor’s most celebrated films, including “Ghost” and “Dirty Dancing.” But the documentary is just as interested in proving Swayze was even more macho in real life than he was on the screen, taking blows to the ribs during “Road House” fight scenes and jumping out of planes for “Point Break.” Demi Moore and Minnesotan Kelly Lynch are among those still in awe.

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Up, up and away

Aisling Bea is the writer and star of “This Way Up,” a brilliant new comedy about an English teacher who leans on sarcasm while recovering from a nervous breakdown. The best moments of this six-part gem come when Bea shares the screen with her on-screen sister, played by “Catastrophe” creator Sharon Horgan. Whether they’re bickering about boyfriends or butchering the Cranberries’ “Zombie,” their love for each other shines through. So do the laughs.

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Neal Justin