Love is in the air

"The Derek Special" will most likely be the sendoff for Ricky Gervais' sweetest character, a sensitive retirement-home employee who seems to love everybody. Catch up by checking out Seasons 1 and 2. Now streaming on Netflix.

Home sweet home

You might get some design ideas by watching "Nature's Animal Homes," a three-part documentary that looks at everything from beaver lodges to bird nests. Just be careful when trying to make your garage out of twigs. 7 p.m. TPT, Ch. 2

Sweet dreams

It's too bad Annie Lennox isn't touring right now, because she's never been in better voice. Listen for yourself as she puts her own spin on standards in "Annie Lennox: Nostalgia Live in Concert." I just wish our local PBS station could have found a better time slot for this performance. 11 p.m. TPT, Ch. 2

Neal Justin