Play ball

Hank Azaria, man of a thousand voices on "The Simpsons," has a new one, and it's a doozy. He's "Brockmire," a washed-up sportscaster who takes a job at the most minor of minor league ballparks, where the perks include trysts with owner Amanda Peet. Azaria's over-the-top performance suggests he may have spent too much time in the voice-over booth, but this is ultimately an intriguing underdog surrounded by a likable team.

9 p.m., IFC

True detective

"Archer" has always talked like a seen-it-all '40s detective, so it makes sense that the eighth season would take place in his mind, where he's re-imagined himself as Sam Spade. The animation in this durable series remains top-notch, as does voice actor H. Jon Benjamin, who still manages to bring goofy gravitas to the title character.

9 p.m., FXX

Guest privileges

Contestants such as Wanda Sykes and John Salley try to score points by dropping celebrity names and plugging charities in "Talk Show the Game Show." The series never really clicks as either a talk show or a game show, but host Guy Branum, who attended the University of Minnesota's law school, wins you over with his sweaty enthusiasm.

9 p.m., truTV

Neal Justin