A novel take

During a speaking appearance in Hopkins earlier this month, novelist Dennis Lehane was asked by an audience member to point out the best movie portrayal of any of his characters. No surprise that Lehane noted Amy Ryan's Oscar-nominated performance in "Gone Baby Gone," but he also went out of his way to praise Mark Ruffalo's complex turn in "Shutter Island" (7 p.m., G4). That's more than an ample reason to give this film another screening.

Fort Knox

Amanda Knox may possibly be headed back to an Italian prison, but not before she peddles a new memoir and sits down with Diane Sawyer for an "ABC News Primetime Special" (9:01 p.m., KSTP, Ch. 5).

Dirty work

"Inside Amy Schumer" (9:30 p.m., Comedy) serves as a decent platform for a rising comedian who can handle sketch comedy, stand-up and on-the-street interviews. Hopefully, she's got more planned in her future than telling dirty jokes and grilling dimwitted strippers.

Neal Justin