O, Canada!

In "The Brigade: Race to the Hudson," 10 chiseled adventurers navigate the 750-mile Canadian waterway in a white-knuckle quest for $500,000. No celebrity host, no torch ceremony, no backbiting. It's "Survivor" without the soapy suds.

7 p.m. Outdoor Channel

Power broker

At first glance, "Gentleman Jack" might seem more at home on PBS than premium cable. But despite the lack of blood and nudity, this tale about the independently minded Anne Lister, fighting to upgrade the family manor in 1832 West Yorkshire, is fueled by the same kind of lust for power that drives "Game of Thrones."

9 p.m. HBO

All by myself

Chris Lilley, a one-man comedy troupe, is at it again with "Lunatics," his latest sketch series in which he plays multiple characters. This time out, his personas include an ex-Australian porn star, a South African pet psychic and a 7-foot-3 California college coed, all of which have nothing in common except an unnerving amount of confidence. Tracey Ullman fans will be enthralled.

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Neal Justin