The witching hours

The return of “Wicked” to Minneapolis may have you thinking about the actresses who originated the roles of the witches in 1939’s “The Wizard of Oz.” You’re in luck. TCM’s monthlong tribute to character actors is shining the spotlight on Margaret Hamilton (the Wicked Witch of the West) in “Babes in Arms,” which came out the same year as “Oz” and also co-starred Judy Garland. That’s followed by Billie Burke (Glinda) in “Topper Takes a Trip,” another 1939 feature.

7 p.m., TCM

American tragedy

All three parts of “Casey Anthony: An American Murder Mystery” have already aired on Investigation Discovery, but if you want to see the three-hour documentary in one sitting, here’s your chance. The case, which revolved around the death of a young child, may have been overblown by the media, but it’s a compelling story, largely because Florida laws helped ensure there was a lot of video footage to draw upon. That means producers didn’t have to rely much on ludicrous re-enactments.

7 p.m., TLC

Fishing for answers

“Sacred Cod” examines the collapse of New England’s once-thriving fishing industry and the possible future of commercial fishing around the world. The Boston Globe played a pivotal role in bringing this film to life.

8 p.m., Discovery Channel

Neal Justin