Father-daughter night

“The Flay List” takes renowned chef Bobby Flay out of the kitchen and into the New York streets where he goes food-hopping with daughter Sophie, pointing out their favorite restaurants to each other. Geez, some dads will do anything to avoid that birds-and-the-bees conversation.

9:30 p.m. Food Network

Not dead yet

If you thought zombie apocalypses finally wore out their welcome, think again. “Black Summer,” a prequel to Syfy’s “Z Nation,” finds Jaime King (“Sin City”) searching for her daughter in a hostile new world. For King’s sake, let’s hope the Governor from “The Walking Dead” doesn’t wander over to clobber the new competition.

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Shore leave

If you’re losing as much sleep as I am worrying about the dating lives of the “Jersey Shore” gang, you may finally get some shut-eye. “Double Shot at Love With Pauly D and Vinny” gives the two personalities a chance to date 20 contestants, only three of whom call New Jersey home. Nice to see the lads expanding their horizons.

7 p.m. MTV

Neal Justin