In their offseason NBA Power Rankings, lists the Wolves 15th overall and 10th in the Western Conference (seven spots behind the Nuggets, by the way). Maybe Tom Thibodeau can start playing the “no respect” card to motivate his team?


The good news, as you’ll learn in today’s main Page 2 story, is that Jose Berrios is the scheduled starting pitcher for the Twins at Toronto (6 p.m., FSN) and shouldn’t keep you up all night.



“Condolences to Mrs. Sparano and the entire family from another Packer fan. I loved the guy in Miami and thought he was a great complement to Coach Zimmer — two tough leaders working together. You’ll be missed, Tony, rest in peace.”

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“If Wile E. Coyote could afford all those cannons, explosives, and paint supplies to try and get the road runner, why not just spend the money on food? In the end, did he really want to eat the road runner, or was it just about pride?”