The Vikings won on Sunday. That was the good news. But so did everyone else they are chasing in the playoff race. That's bad — so bad, in fact, that their playoff chances actually decreased from 28 percent before Sunday to just 19 percent after Sunday, per Five Thirty Eight.


Tom Thibodeau almost certainly didn't envision his new team bringing a 6-18 record into Chicago for his first chance to coach against his old team. Maybe the Wolves can get No. 7 in the Windy City. Wolves at Bulls, 7 p.m., ESPN.


"We need AP badly. I can't recall this team being stopped so much on 3rd down and short running plays as we have this year. Those precious yards that we have failed to get numerous times have cost us drives and many games because of it. I'd love to see AP play against the Packers."

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"Todd Gurley was right. It's a middle school offense.''

— Steve Young in aftermath of Jeff Fisher firing."