Getting stuck in gridlock can get your day off to a rotten start or end it on a sour note. In the Twin Cities, that's most likely to occur on Tuesday mornings and Thursday evenings, according to 2014 Traffic Index put out Tuesday by the Dutch map-making and navigation company, TomTom.

The best times to commute were on Friday mornings and Monday evenings, according to the study that looked at the impact congestion has on commutes in 146 cities worldwide.

The worst traval day last year was Feb. 21, when a crippling snow storm came calling.

Overall, commuters with a normal 30-minute commute encountered delays of 16 minutes, equating to an extra 63 hours sitting in traffic last year.

As bad as that sounds, Minneapols-St. Paul was far from the most traffic-riddled city in the United States, ranking No. 35 of the 53 cities included in the index. Los Angeles took the prize as the most congested city in the country. Coming in second was San Francisco followed by Honolulu, New York and Seattle.  The rest of the top 10 included San Jose, Miami, Chicago, Washington D.C. and Portland.

The least likely place to find a traffic jam was Kansas City.

On the world stage, Los Angeles was only the 10th most congested city. Leading the way was Istanbul followed by Mexico City, Rio de Janerio, Moscow and Salvador, Brazil.

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