Sonny Perdue

Credentials: A former Democrat, he was Georgia’s governor from 2003-2011.
Flash point: He was the final pick, ending hopes that a Latino would join the Cabinet.
Outlook: The stakes are high as plans for the 2018 Farm Bill take shape.
Status: Nomination confirmed.


Mike Pompeo

Credentials: A Kansas congressman and former Army officer, he’s on the intelligence committee.
Flash point: He says he’d investigate Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election.
Outlook: Would he go along with a resumption of harsh interrogation?
Status: Nomination confirmed.


Wilbur Ross

Credentials: He’s a billionaire investor, known for buying distressed companies.
Flash point: His company was fined $2.3 million by the SEC in August.
Outlook: Unlike Donald Trump, he supports Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.
Status: Nomination confirmed.


Gen. James Mattis

Credentials: Retired as chief of the U.S. Central Command in 2013.
Flash point: He’s more supportive of NATO than his boss and supported the Iran nuclear deal.
Outlook: Faces integration of women in combat, acceptance of transgender people.
Status: Nomination confirmed.


Betsy DeVos

Credentials: Activist who backs school choice and local control.
Flash point: An architect of Detroit charter schools, she shares blame for lowest-in-nation scores.
Outlook: Democrats worry she’ll work to privatize public education.
Status: Nomination confirmed.


Rick Perry

Credentials: Former Texas governor and two-time presidential candidate.
Flash point: During his 2012 presidential bid, he proposed abolishing this department.
Outlook: Expect him to be an oil industry ally, climate change skeptic.
Status: Nomination confirmed.


Scott Pruitt

Credentials: Oklahoma’s attorney general, he once ran for Congress.
Flashpoint: He’s had a cozy relationship with the oil and gas industry.
Outlook: The new president has vowed to “get rid” of the agency and reverse many federal climate policies.
Status: Nomination confirmed.


Tom Price

Credentials: An orthopedic surgeon, he chaired the House Budget Committee.
Flash point: He tried to kill federal funding for Planned Parenthood.
Outlook: He tried to replace the Affordable Care Act with age-based tax credits.
Status: Nomination confirmed.

Homeland Security

Gen. John F. Kelly

Credentials: Retired Army general is a hawk on terrorism and border security.
Flash point: He objected to Pentagon plan to open combat roles to women.
Outlook: He doesn’t endorse forcing Muslims to register with the federal government.
Status: Nomination confirmed.


Ben Carson

Credentials: A retired neurosurgeon, he has no expertise in urban issues.
Flash point: Nancy Pelosi called him a “disturbingly unqualified choice.”
Outlook: Says individual efforts, not government programs, are the keys to overcoming poverty but approves of “safety net.”
Status: Nomination confirmed.


Ryan Zinke

Credentials: Former Navy SEAL, represents Montana in the House.
Flash point: In his confirmation hearing, he rejected Trump’s claim that climate change is a hoax.
Outlook: He promised to “restore trust” with American Indian tribes.
Status: Nomination confirmed.


Jeff Sessions

Credentials: A former U.S. attorney and Alabama attorney general, served on the U.S. Senate’s Judiciary Committee.
Flash point: In his confirmation hearing, he denied old allegations of racist remarks.
Outlook: Disagrees with Trump on waterboarding.
Status: Nomination confirmed.


Alexander Acosta

Credentials: American attorney and dean of the Florida International University College of Law.
Outlook: Acosta is expected to have an easier path to confirmation than Andrew Puzder, who withdrew from consideration.
Status: Nomination confirmed.


Dan Coats

Credentials: Ex-Indiana congressman, senator, ambassador to Germany.
Flashpoint: Trump isn’t sold on the need for this job, created after Sept. 11 attacks, to exist.
Outlook: Intelligence and experience, absence of partisanship could earn him presidential respect.
Status: Nomination confirmed.


Rex Tillerson

Credentials: As Exxon Mobil CEO, he was known as a tough negotiator.
Flash point: He seemed uninformed on many global issues during a confirmation hearing.
Outlook: At his hearing, he didn’t view climate change as an imminent national security threat.
Status: Nomination confirmed.


Elaine Chao

Credentials: She was the first Asian American woman named to a Cabinet post in 2001.
Flash point: During her Labor Department tenure, she was criticized for lax coal mine inspections.
Outlook: She would oversee Trump’s pledge to invest in infrastructure.
Status: Nomination confirmed.


Steve Mnuchin

Credentials: He’s a Goldman Sachs banker turned movie financier.
Flash point: He vows to cut corporate tax rates to 15 percent.
Outlook: Democrats are targeting him for his bank and hedge fund past, but his loyalty has earned Trump’s trust.
Status: Nomination confirmed.

United Nations

Nikki Haley

Credentials: She’s South Carolina’s governor and the daughter of immigrants from India.
Flash point: At her hearing, she broke with Trump on Russia, saying, “I don’t think that we can trust them.”
Outlook: Little opposition despite her inexperience.
Status: Nomination confirmed.

Veteran Affairs

David Shulkin

Credentials: He’s the current under secretary for health at the agency, once led several private health systems.
Flash point: He’d be the first department leader who is not a veteran.
Outlook: Faces big challenges fixing VA’s many problems.
Status: Nomination confirmed.

Chief of Staff

Reince Priebus

Credentials: Former Republican National Committee chairman.
Flash point: He understands D.C., but can he manage a man who resists taking direction?
Outlook: He’s from Wisconsin and close to House Speaker Paul Ryan, which could be crucial.
Status: Nomination confirmed.