Father’s Day was a good day for my dad this year! I caught my first-ever muskie on Lake Waconia as the sun was going down. We had been out fishing for a few hours and were getting ready to head in when I felt something hit my line. It swam under the boat and then jumped straight out of the water. I was so excited, but I stayed cool and did what my dad told me to do. It took about five minutes to bring it in. We took some quick pictures and then let it go. My dad said it was the best gift he’d ever received!

Metro largemouth

Kelly Labounty of Victoria caught this 22-inch-plus bass recently on a small west metro lake. “The fish hit on a Northland green Weed-Weasel tipped with a minnow,’’ said buddy Steve Frisch of Minnetonka, who netted the fish. “When it came to the boat, I almost knocked it off the line, but I was able to get the net on it the second time around. The fish was released to be caught another day.’’


Father’s Day gift

Megan Kelly of Buffalo caught this dandy walleye on Lake Vermilion. “We were Lindy-rigging with leeches when she caught her largest walleye ever, 26 inches with good girth, making for a beautiful memory,’’ said her father, Tom Kelly. “I like to think of it as my Father’s Day gift. Although we released the walleye, the memories and photo will live on.’’



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