Three of the four people charged Thursday with murder in a drug-related killing in north Minneapolis in late October are also defendants in a similar fatal shooting weeks later in Prior Lake.

Charged in the Oct. 29 slaying of Richard D. Ambers, 31, who was found in a car with two gunshots to the head are: Brandy L. Jaques, 40, of Minneapolis; Derrick Z. Smith, 26, of Minneapolis; Tyrel L. Patterson, 27, of Minneapolis; and Ayan A. Wahab, 22, of Blaine.

Jaques, Smith and Patterson were arrested and charged in the Nov. 23 killing and robbery of 42-year-old James Herron, a crime that triggered a police chase over many miles. Police say Herron’s death involved a drug deal and holdup that had gone awry.

After Herron was shot, according to authorities, the trio fled in a vehicle and a fourth suspect was arrested at the victim’s home. Police from several agencies joined the chase that ended when the three abandoned the car on a Hwy. 169 ramp in Edina.

Patterson and Jaques were arrested by a K-9 officer, while Smith made it to a nearby strip mall before being confronted by an Eden Prairie officer. Smith threatened to shoot the officer and then fired, according to charges. The officer returned fire, wounding Smith.

In Ambers’ killing, police say they learned that Ambers had been out for several hours selling marijuana and had a lot of money on him.

According to the charges in Ambers’ death:

Ambers was at a Super- America gas station at 57th and Logan Avenues N. in Brooklyn Center about 3:30 a.m., when Wahab got in his car, surveillance video showed.

Wahab told investigators she was at the SuperAmerica with Smith and Patterson. She said Smith told her to warm up to Ambers so he and Patterson could rob him.

She got in Ambers’ car, and they drove to the 4800 block of Bryant Avenue N. and parked near Jaques’ residence. Smith, Jaques and Patterson were all there.

Patterson appeared at the car and knocked on the window. As Wahab was walking from the car to Jaques’ home, she heard three gunshots but didn’t see who pulled the trigger.

Wahab said she and Patterson went to a river and threw a wrapped package in the water. An unnamed witness, cited in the complaint, said Jaques acknowledged shooting Ambers.

Of the four, only Wahab remains at large. A warrant has been issued for her arrest.