New rules of the road for teen drivers: During the first six months of driving with a provisional license, only one teenage passenger who is not a sibling. During the second six months, no more than three. No driving from midnight to 5 a.m, except for school or work, for most under-18 drivers.

Get your stuff back: Lower-income people whose vehicles have been towed would be allowed to retrieve their contents at no charge. Others would be able to retrieve important documents, medical supplies and the like.

Keep your mind on your driving: The bill would outlaw text messaging while driving unless using hands-free technology or dealing with an emergency. Teenage drivers with provisional licenses already are barred from doing so, with or without hands-free technology.

Who's driving the kids? Most operators of small "Type III" school buses would face background checks, physical exams, drug testing, additional training and other new requirements.

What's a few mph between friends? Speeding citations for driving up to 10 miles per hour over the legal limit would not appear on one's driving record, up from 5 mph now.