Monday I was told that Kris Humphries was just going to wait for Myla Sinanaj's baby to arrive and then establish paternity.

The wait is over.

Tuesday Sinanaj told TMZ, "I'm not pregnant. Why you have to go and further investigate it is beyond my [comprehension. There are] starving children in the world. Move on to the next thing."

This testy exchange occurred between Sinanaj and an unnamed TMZ source, who called in to the Web show while Myla was on the phone to challenge the claims of Humphries' ex-fling. She was saying she never told anyone she was having an upset stomach that led her to a doctor, who informed her that she was pregnant.

"Several people are saying you're lying right now," TMZ founder Harvey Levin told Sinanaj before the source joined the conversation. "People in Kris Humphries' camp are saying that you told Kris that you were pregnant," Levin pressed.

Well, Sinanaj's NOT pregnant, so HALLELUJAH! Another child has been spared the trauma of being carted back and forth between parents who may be hostile to each other.

I know National Enquirer astrologer Maria Shaw Lawson told me Humphries, as an Aquarius, can't help being a know-it-all. But shouldn't this NBA player in search of a new team be officially done with this chick?

In mid-June TMZ reported, and I independently confirmed, that Humphries' lawyers planned to contact the FBI about Sinanaj allegedly trying to extort money from Kris.

"I don't believe they actually went there," Sinanaj said of reports that Humphries' attorneys took the FBI e-mails and texts purportedly from her. "Kris is a dear friend of mine," Sinanaj told TMZ.

Yikes. Danger. DANGER!

What's with Kris Humphries' attraction to fruitcakes, the lead one of whom is his 72-Day Wife, Kim Kardashian? (Kardashian must be furious that Katie Holmes got a divorce settlement from Tom Cruise in 11 days. But then the efficiency probably has something to do with Holmes' lawyer-dad making sure his daughter could document lots of choice information about Cruise that he doesn't want revealed.)

This pregnancy scare should provide the resolve that Humphries needs to live a life of celibacy until Kardashian's derriere is completely out of the rear view mirror. If not, Humphries should, at a minimum, make this his new credo: No luv without a glove that hasn't been in my complete control and possession.

Costner dines on spareribs

Kevin Costner had the spareribs Sunday night when he dined at McCormick & Schmick's on Nicollet Mall.

Shouldn't Costner have had seafood?

"It's a little unusual, but it's part of the program where we just try to please a little bit of everybody. So we have steaks and chicken, and we actually have spareribs as well," GM John Ziegler told me Wednesday.

The movie star and his Modern West band performed at the Guthrie. Costner dined with a young woman believed to have been one of his daughters.

How's that going over?

I'm trying to obtain the lyrics to the song Brittani Senser wrote that was inspired by her stepmom Amy Senser's trial and conviction for leaving the scene of the August hit-and-run death of chef Anousone Phanthavong.

Before Brittani sat down Tuesday for a "Good Morning America" interview with anchor Robin Roberts, reporter Linsey Davis provided a setup piece. Davis reported that Brittani told the jury Amy "came forward more than a week after the crash only because Brittani threatened to go to authorities herself, angry after rumors swirled that Brittani had been driving. Turmoil she's now turned into a song."

Davis' report included a clip of Brittani in a video singing the refrain, "I'm guilty of one thing ..."

Would love to see the rest of the lyrics. When I didn't find this song on, where Brittani has other videos posted, I sent an e-mail to someone who appears to have ties to the singer. I await a response from the person who sent me this e-mail late Monday afternoon: "Hey CJ. Just wanted to let you know that Brittani Senser is in New York and will be on Good Morning America to be interviewed by robin roberts [sic] tomorrow."

As Amy goes off to serve a 41-month sentence, things cannot be cool these days between fiery-tempered restaurateur Joe Senser and his daughter Brittani, who ducked Roberts' question about how they're getting along.

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