"SciGirls"/ photo courtesy of TPT

TPT isn't planning to abandon the kiddie lab anytime soon.

The local PBS station has just been granted $1.2 million by the National Science Foundation to further the outreach of "SciGirls," its signature brand aimed at engaging girls 8-13 in science, technology, engineering and math, an effort commonly referred to as STEM.

The NSF and TPT relationship is nothing new. The independent federal agency's blessing was key to the series' launch six years ago. The newly acquired money will go toward the SciGirls CONNECT project, which is aimed at supporting PBS media resources and hands-on professional development workshops based on the Emmy-winning series.

The station is also developing an Hispanic version of "SciGirls."

The new funds help further TPT's reputation as the go-to station for supporting science initiatives aimed at young people. Last December, it received a $37.8 million grant for the Department of Education to develop a tech-friendly animated series based on the popular book series, "Superhero School."