Karl-Anthony Towns told Slam Magazine "Every time I'm with KG, it feels like, in my opinion, like I'm looking at myself in a mirror."

The latest issue of Slam illustrates this idea nicely.

Towns is featured on the cover next to the headline "100% Real Juice." The young Timberwolves star is posed with his arms crossed, a ball in his right hand and a smug look on his face.

Kevin Garnett appeared on the magazine's cover 17 years ago under the same headline doing the same pose. Slam calls the remake a nod "to a certain KG classic. … One-hundred percent real juice, indeed."

While Towns hopes to follow in the footsteps of Garnett's career success, he wants to do it by blazing a new trail, which is why Slam created two covers for its next issue.

The covers reflect "a mirror of something that came before [Towns], and a brand new look, a trail of his own."