Lost boys

The star of "Hollywood Medium With Tyler Henry" wasn't even born when "License to Drive" parked in theaters, but he has enough nostalgia running through his 20-year-old veins to offer Corey Feldman aid in an attempt to reach deceased co-star Corey Haim. Let's hope Henry doesn't mix up channels and wind up inviting former pop star Corey Hart over for malts.

7 p.m. E!

So close, yet so far

"CNN Special Report: Almost President," the latest from the news channel's rapidly expanding documentary library, shines the light on those who came near enough to reaching the nation's highest office that they started picking out new wallpaper for the Lincoln Bedroom. I'm talking to you, Al Gore!

8 p.m. CNN

Best of the worst

"You're the Worst" debuted as a two-hander featuring a pair of selfish slackers who somehow manage to share a bed without hogging the sheets. But creator Stephen Falk realized he had something special in leading lady Aya Cash and practically turned over the series to her character's battle with clinical depression. The war marches on in the Season 3 premiere with Cash picking a fistfight with her therapist and trying to get up the energy to wash her legs.

9 p.m. FXX

Neal Justin