Ewan McGregor in FX's "Fargo."


Hey, readers: No spoilers here, but if you're still binge-watching the entire season of "Fargo," read the following review with caution.

Fargo” viewers won’t be surprised when heroine Gloria Burgle reveals in Wednesday’s season finale that her idea of paradise is a deep-fried candy bar at the Minnesota State Fair.

What may be surprising is that this season ends up being tidier and more conventional that the past two. In other words, no UFOs. That’s a bit of a disappointment for those of us who think creator Noah Hawley is the most original voice on TV these days, but this year he seems to have reserved his big swings for “Legion,” which also aired on FX.

That doesn’t mean “Fargo” has been a yawn. Twists and turns abounded right up to the very end and Carrie Coon, who plays Burgle, as well as Mary Elizabeth Winstead as the revenge-seeking bridge player, are certain to be Emmy contenders.

It’s also been great fun to see how Hawley continued to incorporate nods to Coen brothers classics, most notably “The Big Lebowski.” (This season’s most bizarre -- and memorable scene – took place in a bowling alley with a cameo from a “Twin Peaks” regular).

While “Fargo” could have used more drop-ins like that, it’s still been a heck of a year for the best Minnesota-set series since “Mary Tyler Moore.” Enjoy the finale with a deep-fried Snickers.

Watch: 9 p.m. Wednesday, FX