Former Wolves coach/executive Tom Thibodeau has been making the media rounds lately and was on with "The Starters" (love those guys) on Monday. He was asked at the end about Jimmy Butler and how Butler's trade demand impacted the Wolves locker room.

Thibodeau — who also said he would like to get back into coaching and considers all open jobs to be good ones — reiterated that he thinks it's just a reality of the modern NBA. But he added this:

"I thought he did a lot of great things for us in Minnesota last year," Thibodeau said. "He helped us change the culture there. … He brought the best out in people."

Contrast that with a quote from Karl-Anthony Towns, when asked about Ryan Saunders late this season: "I'll say it again, he's the greatest communicator possibly in the NBA. The process has been so much easier when you have a person like that. The culture is getting better every single day."

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