In case you forgot about the FBI probe into NCAA basketball corruption, has an update that indicates the landscape of the sport will be altered forever when the investigation is done. The ending: "What would happen if the information under protective order were to be released before the NCAA selection show on March 11? A source who has been briefed on the case laughed: 'You might see Tennessee-Chattanooga as a No. 2 seed.'"


It's a Gophers hockey extravaganza. The women are on TV at 7 p.m. vs. Wisconsin (FSN), while the men are on at 8 p.m. vs. Ohio State (BTN).


"Flip was a great man and such a wonderful coach! I thought of him as the Bud Grant of the Timberwolves! When you thought of Flip you thought of the Wolves!"

"odenatalex" commenting on


"Top 25 win? You better believe that calls for a celebration!"

— Gophers women's basketball Twitter account, which posted a video of coaches dancing after Wednesday's big win over Michigan.