Monday, July 9

Even though I've seen it LIVE at the state fair several times I have never even considered log rolling myself.  Until now.  Key Log Rolling has lessons for 5-16 year-olds on Tuesday and Thursday mornings, running July 24th through August 16 at Lake Calhoun's 32nd Street Beach.  You can choose either 9:30 or 10:15 classes.  If you live in Minneapolis it will cost $40 for eight lessons.  If you live somewhere else it's $60.  That's not really cheap but, at under $8 per lesson, I'm thinking about it.  If you think about it too, and like what you think, you can register here through Minneapolis Parks.  Then get your log on! . . . (?)

Tuesday, July 10

What American art museum boasts one of the largest collection of Monets in the United States?  That would be the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston.  But if you want to see the largest collection of Rembrandts EVER in the United States, you'd have to visit the Minneapolis Institute of Arts.  Now, if you want to see the Rembrandts, it'll cost ya.  But if you click here you can get a BOGO (buy one get one free) deal on the adult tickets until midnight Thursday.  If you decide to skip the Rembrandts, the rest of the MIA is free.  It's a GREAT museum and, if your child's school participates in the Art Adventure program (most do), Little Susie will probably be able to give you your own private tour of the place.  You know, if your child is named Susie.

Wednesday, July 11

Revisit a time when the country was roaring, alcohol was prohibited, and everyone was dancing the Charleston.  The Foshay Tower opened just before the stock market went bust in 1929.  Modeled after the Washington Monument, the Foshay was the first skyscraper built west of the Mississippi River and was Minneapolis' tallest building until 1971.  Even though several buildings tower over it today, it still boasts the only open-air observation deck in the Twin Cities.  You can check out the views and the museum for free by picking up an Adventure Pass from your local library.  Then put on your flapper dress or sharkskin suit, and insist that your children call you "Bootsie" while you're there.  It'll be fun!  



Thursday, July 12

The Walker hosts the Open Field every day except Mondays until September 1st, but if you go on a Thursday you can also take advantage of Target Free Thursday Nights.  Here's your itinerary for today: From 1 to 2 pm it's Tai Chi in the shade of the Spoonbridge and Cherry.  Afterwards, pull out your own brush and the Walker will provide everything else you need to paint your own landscape, cityscape, or whatever kind of scape you'd like.  At 4 o'clock take part in the collaborative art-making experience that is Drawing Club ("What's made at Drawing Club stays at Drawing Club") then use some old-timey tools from Lunalux, a local letterpress studio, to write and decorate a Post Office Love Letter.  But wait!  There's more!  There is also a poet on hand to help you find your muse at 5 pm, and a chance to make the biggest Cat's Cradle ever at 6 o'clock during The Big String Thing.  The cinema will screen home movies at 7:30 and 8:30 pm (you can submit your own home movie for consideration, too) before wrapping it all up around the Acoustic Campfire listening to Dear Data.  Now that's a lot of art.  If you're more inclined towards hockey than art, the Minnesota Wild also have a Developmental Camp Scrimmage that's free and open to the public at 7 pm tonight.  Gates open at 6:30, and the first thousand fans will receive a free Ryan Suter t-shirt.

Friday, July 13

It's Friday the 13th.  Do you dare visit a museum dedicated to the force that breathed life into Frankenstein's monster?  Muhahaha!  That's the best I can do for an evil laugh in print.  Today breathes life into the 10 Best Days of the Bakken, part of the Minneapolis Aquatennial which celebrates the anniversary of water, I guess.  But the Bakken is all about electricity and, for the next 10 days, they are offering free programs to the public including "It's Alive!" Frankenstein Day, Body Electric, and Ben Franklin's Electricity Party.  Isn't it time we all partied like Franklin?

Saturday, July 14

Not that kids need a whole lot of motivation to get excited about shooting a bow and arrow, but after watching the latest Borrowers movie, The Secret World of Arrietty, mine started making their own out of sticks and pencils.  So stream it on Netflix and then make the trip today at 1 pm to Afton State Park for Archery in the Parks.  You and your kids (if they're over eight years old) will be provided everything you need to give archery a shot.  Ha!  That's punny.  The program is free, though you will need a vehicle permit to get into the park.  The permit is $5 for a day or $25 for a year.  Afton sounds like it's far away, but it's only 16 miles southeast of St. Paul.  Think of it as a short trek to Sherwood Forest.

Sunday, July 15

Wherefore art thou, Romeo?  At Powderhorn Park, of course!  Well Romeo is not at Powderhorn, but The Strange Capers acting company is, and they're doing The Comedy of Errors the way Shakespeare did it: in open-air theater.  Now, free outdoor theater sounds pretty iffy to me too, especially if it's in old English, but apparently The Strange Capers is "stacked with Guthrie talent."  Guthrie talent for free?  Outside?  I just might have to check this out.  Performances are at 2 pm yesterday and today.  Additionally, the Minnesota Wild have another free Developmental Camp Scrimmage today at 11 am.  Gates open at 10:30 and this time around the first thousand fans receive a free Zach Parise t-shirt.   

Have fun out there!

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