Batter up!

This week's new "limited edition" version of Oreo cookies is Brownie Batter. On the front of the bag the name actually reads "Brownie Batter flavor creme," the last two words in much smaller type. (That's to let you know that the cookies aren't filled with actual brownie batter, raw eggs and all. Disappointed?)

Surprisingly enough, the filling is a lot more like brownie batter — or at least chocolate cake batter — than one might expect. Unlike the fillings of other Oreos, whether normal or "limited edition," this one is distinctly moist — Mr. Tidbit might even say it's a little gooey. He has no idea how long it stays that moist after the bag is opened, as the bag he bought lasted only a day and a half.

He should note that the texture that he found so appealing was not at all appreciated by one of his little Oreo-sampling friends. And he should add that the flavor, too, surprisingly reminiscent of the aroma of cake batter, was greeted with a distinct lack of enthusiasm by that same individual. (Mr. Tidbit is reminded that having to tolerate this sort of regrettable error is the price of friendship.)

Future Oreo?

While the subject of Oreos is open, Mr. Tidbit wants to add a small observation to his discussion, several weeks ago, of new Oreo Thins.

He noted at the time that Nabisco publicity sought to dispel the notion that Oreo Thins had less filling than regular Oreos, maintaining that the cookie-to-filling ratio is the same as that in the original cookie, although it might not look like it.

Mr. Tidbit hopes he's wrong, but it recently occurred to him that, in setting forth that assertion, Nabisco might have been laying the groundwork for the eventual debut of Double Stuf Oreo Thins.

Al Sicherman