Prince fans flocked online Friday to snap up tickets for tours of the music legend's Chanhassen complex, Paisley Park.

Within minutes of tickets going on sale at 2 p.m., fans were posting on social media that they'd obtained tickets, which can only be bought online.

Nancy Norwood, 48, will make the drive from Fargo to Chanhassen to visit the Purple One's palace. She bought five tickets for family members just as sales opened.

"Unfortunately, neither of us got to see Prince ever in concert, but it felt like we were always a part of that family because we were such avid fans," she said. "I'm really excited to go."

Norwood said she looks forward to viewing Prince's elaborate costumes and artwork up close.

The trustees for Prince's estate said this week that the complex would open as a museum Oct. 6.

They're partnering with Graceland Holdings LLC, which has been involved with the operation of Graceland, Elvis Presley's home in Memphis, since 1982.

Paisley Park, a 65,000-square-foot complex on just over 9 acres of land, opened in 1987. It contains recording studios and a soundstage that was formerly rented to other artists, as well as Prince's private apartment, which will not be part of the tour.

On the tour, fans will have the chance see Prince memorabilia ranging from his concert costumes to his seven Grammys and instruments.

General-admission fans will pay $38.50 to take a 70-minute self-guided tour of Prince's recording and mixing studios, his video-editing suites and concert hall. The $100 VIP experience includes an expert guide, a 30-minute longer tour, photo opportunities and a peek at more of Prince's personal archives.

Tours will run seven days a week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. Fans will be kept on a tight tour schedule. Ticket holders will be allowed inside the parking lot only 20 minutes before their tour and have 10 minutes to leave after their tour.

Tickets can be purchased only at Fans can buy tickets for tours up until Dec. 31. Tickets for 2017 will be sold at another time.

An official Prince tribute concert will be held on Oct. 13 at the U.S. Bank Stadium.

Amina Peterson, 39, who lives in Hawaii, set an alarm clock Friday to notify her when tour tickets went on sale in her state. Peterson booked her tour of Paisley Park on the day it opens, Oct. 6. The 9 a.m. slot was already sold out, so she had to settle for a later time, she said.

Peterson keeps a Prince fund set aside to pay for trips to Prince events. She attended 14 of his concerts.

"I really want to just experience firsthand where all the creativity came from," she said. "He was such a major part of my life. Him being gone has been challenging, to say the least. I just want to be there to honor him, really."

Purple at the fair

The Minnesota State Fair had a decidedly purple tint on Friday, officially designated "Unite in Purple" day.

Official events kicked off at 5 p.m., but all day fans could be seen sporting purple T-shirts, hats, buttons — even eye shadow — in honor of the pop superstar.

Some vendors joined in, offering purple snow cones, purple cheese curds and purple whipped cream.

Events included giveaways, music, a dance party, and a fireworks tribute set to Prince music at the Grandstand. Prince images also made several appearances in the crop art category.