Matt Gangl, who has directed countless Twins and Wild games for Fox Sports North in recent years, had the honor of directing Tuesday's MLB All-Star Game on Fox. "It's an event like no other," Gangl said Wednesday, adding that he was caught off guard and had to scramble a little (but loved it) when Nelson Cruz posed for a picture with umpire Joe West in the middle of the game.


The X Games are happening right here in Minneapolis at U.S. Bank Stadium — and also on your TV. Check out the BMX Vert finals at 8 p.m. on ESPN.


"Coyle, Pitino and P.J. have a chance to turn around decades of major sports mediocrity at the U of M. And to do so, you need to compete at all levels, and very importantly with facilities. Until the Athletics Village opens in January, we're still catching up."

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"Huh an east coast writer had ballparks on the east coast ranked way too highly. I'm shocked. Yes, shocked."