This is not an official statistic. RandBall commenter Brandon doesn't need to write us a desperate e-mail. Rather, we are going to use a simple acronym to help get us into today's first post on Twins players in big situations.

The metric is called IFG.

As in, "I Feel Good."

As in, when certain Twins players are hitting, fielding or pitching in big situations, you think to yourself, "I feel good." Or alternately, "IDWTTU -- I Don't Want To Throw Up." So let's put out a few scenarios, and you rank them in the comments. Only current players, please:

*Twins down by one run, going into the bottom of the ninth. They desperately need to score. Who do you want at the plate to lead off the inning?

*Bottom of the seventh, Twins down by three, runners on first and second, a left-handed pitcher on the mound. Who do you want at the plate?

*Game 7 of the World Series. Who do you want as your starting pitcher?

*Twins up by one run. Second and third, two outs, eighth inning. Who is pitching?

*Tie game, runner on third, two outs, ninth inning. A moderately difficult ground ball is hit. Which infielder do you want it hit at?

*Bases loaded, clutch situation. Who do you want at the plate other than Danny Valencia?

*Overall: Which Twins position player and pitcher deserve the highest IFG ratings?