Here are three thoughts following the Twins' 15-2 win over Baltimore

BUXTON'S FIRST GAME BACK:   The pre-game hype was about Buxton being reunited with his buddy Miguel Sano. While Sano clubbed a two-run homer, Buxton grounded to third three times and struck out in his fourth plate appearance. But then he faced a lefthander in the eighth and served a single to right field. Then he lined out in his last plate appearance. Buxton talked about being more aggressive at the plate and showed that right away when he swung at the first pitch of the game. He seems determined to not fall into 0-2 counts like he did the first time he was up. Now Twins fans can watch their two big prospects develop. ``Coming into this job this winter, you are looking at how the team might shape up,'' Twins manger Paul Molitor said, ``and we talked about how things could be significantly different by the time we got into the latter stages of the season and those kinds of people were the ones you were hoping to see. Hopefully it's the start of these guys playing many, many games together for a lot of years.''

DUFFEY THE MAN: FSN's Roy Smalley tweeted something very insightful while watching Tyler Duffey on Thursday. ``Duffey's curveball is unlike what hitters are used to seeing. It has a big breaking arc in a very short distance-breaks late and big.'' He's right. And when Duffey proved he could throw it for strikes early in the game, the Orioles started swinging at it and it was over. Duffey couldn't remember the name of the batter - he was lefthanded - but the rookie threw curveballs at three different speeds to him and struck him out. A pretty heady guy for someone with three career starts in the majors.

MAUER BEHIND THE PLATE: Yup it happened in the middle of the eighth inning. Kurt Suzuki was on deck when the last out was made and had to scramble to get his gear on. Chris Herrmann made the last out and was going to play first. Someone had to warm up Duffey, and Joe Mauer grabbed a catcher's glove and went out to the plate. ``It caught my attention,'' Molitor said. Molitor also said that it showed that Mauer was paying attention and realized someone had to do it. I wrote with tons of curiosity to see what the reaction will be. Because he's not moving back.

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