Kyle Baldock

The Australian native is one of the few BMX riders to master both the dirt and park disciplines at the Summer X Games. This 26-year-old has won a total of six medals (two park golds, one park bronze and three dirt golds), including gold at last year's park best trick event.

Jamie Bestwick

The graying beard is not a trick. This 46-year-old UK native won a record nine straight golds in the vert event before a second-place finish in 2015. He turned things around and captured gold again in 2016. He holds 12 of the 22 total vert gold medals and has 17 total medals during his 20-year X Games career.

morgan wade

The Texas native is set to return to the big air event now that the ramp has been moved inside U.S. Bank Stadium. The 33-year-old, seven-time medalist has the X Games record for highest air on the big air quarterpipe (23-feet, 3-inches in 2013) and says "it's open season" on the record.