A man who allegedly shot at authorities and held a woman hostage during an overnight standoff before his arrest earlier this week in New Brighton has been charged with three felonies, including assault with a dangerous weapon, making threats of violence against a person and false imprisonment.

The charges filed Friday against Peter Michael Dziuk in Ramsey County District Court also include one misdemeanor count of domestic assault with intent to inflict bodily harm.

Police and SWAT team members surrounded a house on the 1500 block of Long Lake Road after a woman inside called authorities about 7 p.m. Wednesday. She told them Dziuk was drunk, had a shotgun, was destroying property and hitting her. He also “would not allow her to leave the house,” the charges say.

Neighbors who lived nearby were told to shelter in place as the tense situation unfolded over nearly 11 hours. At one time Dziuk fired a shot at SWAT team members who returned fire as the woman safely escaped through a bedroom window, the charges say.

SWAT team members fired tear gas into the home around 6 a.m. Thursday. They stormed the house and found Dziuk in the basement. He was arrested and taken to the hospital for evaluation then booked into jail.

Dziuk was no stranger to police. He has long exhibited hostility toward the city of New Brighton and the New Brighton Police Department over permits for burning and for firearms, citations for disorderly conduct, and trespass notices.

He recently distributed letters to neighbors complaining about the department. He has regularly referred to the New Brighton Police as “Nazi, Zionist traitors,” the charges said.

A caller had told New Brighton police earlier in the day that Dziuk planned to set a bonfire to lure officers to the home, then shoot them from a concealed location.

The caller said Dziuk had been using alcohol and marijuana, the charges say.