Jennifer Aniston’s big week

Love is dead, they said.

But 12 years is a long time, they said.

Jennifer Aniston finally got her revenge, they said.

Those were the internet’s most tweeted reactions to the week that was. The week that shifted the landscape of celebrity unions forever. The week that saw the end of this thing we called Brangelina.

Let’s review.

1. News of Angelina Jolie divorcing Brad Pitt hits the internet on Tuesday. A social media cataclysm ensues.

2. George Clooney is surprised when he hears the news first from a CNN reporter, and not from his best bud. The moment is caught on video. Played in slo-mo, you can see Clooney’s heart snap in two. Tweeters weep uncontrollably upon viewing.

3. The internet’s army of #TeamAniston supporters declares: Victory at last. The New York Post’s Wednesday cover displays these simple words, “Brangelina 2004-2016” — plus a huge picture of Aniston laughing.

4. At press time, this story took a darker twist with allegations of child abuse by Pitt (with an incident at a Minnesota airport). Not cool!

Tom Horgen