Twins manager Ron Gardenhire didn't mince words during his pre-game meeting with writers.

``This is almost a do-or-die type thing,'' he said. ``You don't want to go into New York down 0-2. Try not to put pressure on guys but this is one we need to get. It's very important..''

The postseason is about cashing in on scoring opportunities and not giving away outs. And it doesn't matter who steps up. For every Derek Jeter there's an Adam Kennedy unexpectedly coming through on the big stage.

While it would be nice for Joe Mauer to make his presence felt, a clutch hit by J.J. Hardy or Denard Span with the bases loaded is just fine.

(*)Let the griping begin. Umpires make mistakes,and there needs to be instant replay available to HELP them. How can an umpire down the right field line not see that Delmon Young's liner to left was a catch?

(*) I'm trying to stop being a psychologist, but the Twins sounded like a loose bunch while we were in Gardy's office before the game (media is not allowed into the clubhouse before postseason games).

``I've been hearing a bunch of guys yelling,'' Gardenhire said. ``That tells me they are pretty loose.''

We could hear them too.

(*)Apparently, I set off a little storm on twitter last night when I tweeted this on @lavelleneal

``Fans didn't bring it tonight at Target Field. I expected more''

Some replies:

``Was at the game. Agreed for the most part''

``give me a break, I'm assuming a joke there.''
``I'm actually offended at the implication. I've been a season ticket holder the last few years. It's MEDIA and corporate BS.''
``Agree. We had some tell us to sit down during our mini-rally in the seventh. Said the "couldn't see".''
``10 post season losses in a row and no ace LVN. What do u expect?''
And a special guest tweet reply:
Dan Barreiro Shouldn't we be concentrating on Twins not bringing it for 9th consecutive time at home?
Agree with the Twins part. And I'm not saying the fans are required to make it hard on the opponent. But I'm not backing off my statement from last night. There was more noise, more raucousness when the White Sox were in town. I didn't see it,  didn't feel it on Wednesday.
I think some fans have Yankee-itis and not the Twins.

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