Paper Darts vs. the Tangential Smackdown

Heavy hitters in the local literary scene go head to head, smackdown-style, in an authorial battle in which original short fiction will be published, read and voted on by the audience. The two groups duking it out come from opposing sides in the world of creative writing: the dry-witted, esteemed literary arts magazine and publishing press Paper Darts, and the whip-smart, pop culture-musing blog the Tangential on the other. The heavyweights look to be Paper Darts' John Jodzio, a Loft-McKnight Fellowship winner and published author, and Tangential editor Jay Gabler, who -- as an editor at Twin Cities Daily Planet, a contributor and a Harvard grad -- is no slouch himself. Huge Improv Theater regulars the Mustache Rangers emcee. --Jahna Peloquin

Monster Jam

There's something intrinsically American about Monster Jam. It's loud, violent and wasteful -- charges often lobbed our nation's way. But Monster Jam is also ruggedly individualistic, resolute in its purpose -- and it showcases world-class engineering. It's the worst of us; it's the best of us; it's giant trucks crushing lesser vehicles and hopping dirt mounds. For the earnest, truck-loving family to the ironically detached hipster, it is -- at the very least -- a spectacle. Tonight brings more than 10 of the 1,500-horsepower behemoths, including El Toro Loco, Monster Mutt and everyone's favorite: Grave Digger.  --Jay Boller